Liferafts are serviced in accordance with IMO A761(18) and requirements from Makers by fully trained Service Technicians. Strict procedures are followed to ensure the works is completed to the correct standard.

The working steps for Liferafts Services are as follows:  

  • Received in Service Station, put in waiting area

  • Check container for damage, open and remove liferaft

  • Disconnect flexible hose, detach painter line from firing cable and take out CO2 cylinder

  • Clean container, repair and repaint if necessary. Labeling by new stickers

  • Liferaft is inflated by dry compressed air

  • Liferaft is tested with WP, NAP, GI depend on the age and recorded.

  • If floor is inflatable type the it should be tested

  • Check correct weight of CO2 cylinder by digital scale

  • Check firing cable, operating head and flexible hose.

  • Check outside parts of Liferaft like canopy, lights & batteries, reflective tape etc.

  • Check inside liferaft

  • Check emergency pack, replace dated items

  • Deflated liferaft by vacuum pump.

  • Refit CO2 cylinder and flexible hose

  • The liferaft is repacked into container

  • Issue certificate, normally valid for one year


Our company is approved by the following Liferaft Makers:

1. Fujikura Rubber Ltd.

- Fujikura >> (Model: FRN-SA, FRN-SV, FRN-SN)

- Mitsubishi >> (Model: MTA, MTS)

- Sumitomo >> (Model SR, SRH, SLAO)


2. Shanghai Youlong Rubber Product >>

(Model: KHA, KHD, KHZ, QJF)


3. Uzemik >> (Model: ΠCH-MK)


4. Jiangsu Haining Marine Equipment Plant of China >>

(Model: HNF)


5. Ningbo Jiangdong Ruanshi Lifesaving Equipment Factory >>

(Model: CRVF)


6. Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co., Ltd. >>

(Model: HAF)


7. Lalizas Hellas>>

(Model: OCEANO)


We also have procedures and spare parts to service other brands of Liferaft.






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